Mobi Dixon resume work after his heartbroke over Nichume’s death

Mobi Dixon

Mobi Dixon back to work after Nichume’s death

SA Great Artiste, Mobi Dixon has taken to social media to announce the good news to his fans that he’s back to work after his break as instructed by his doctor and family.


Although accusing fingers has been pointed to Mobi over Nichume’s death and it has triggered his team to rkse up for his defense in an official statement.

Returning to work, Mobi said:

“For the past month, my family and my doctor have been strongly advising me take time off and reflect. Got time to re-evaluate a lot about life and relationships. I’m glad to be back at work today and on the verge of concluding the biggest deal of my career. Can’t wait to share the good news Thursday July 25.”

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